Dental Career Specialties

Dentists and dental assistants do much more than just clean teeth. Listed below are some specialties of this very diverse field.

Dental Assistant
Dental assistants work alongside dentists, assisting in procedures, performing x-rays, and preparing equipment.

Dentists who specialize in endodontics are concerned primarily with roots of teeth and the surrounding tissue and diseases and issues that affect them.

Dental hygienists perform cleaning and preventative treatments, screen patients, and also teach oral hygiene to patients.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Surgeons treat disease and injury that affect the hard and soft tissue of the mouth, jaw, and lower face.

Orthodontists work to prevent and treat misalignments of teeth and bite as well as other abnormalities that may affect the mouth.

Pediatric dentists concentrate on oral health care for children, ranging in age from birth to adolescence.

Periodontists offer preventative and treatment services for diseases of the gums.

Prosthodontists work with patients who have artificial teeth, such as bridges or dentures.

Public Health Dentistry
Community dentistry that focuses on the implementation of dental programs in a concentrated area and promotes dental well-being to the community at large.

Other important considerations include location, cost, and student/faculty ratio.

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